Online shopping from Nepal, especially of clothing, is beneficial to all those shoppers and the stylish people because Nepal produces clothes, that are stylish and that are colorful through their skilled men power, handlooms as well as machines. Whether it is woolen clothing or hemp, each is different in terms of colors and fabric, and each reflects the color of Nepal. Because of these, they are famous in countries, such as, the UK, the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, India, Belgium and Spain. According to the statistics, the exports of Nepalese clothing to these countries are below the desired results, yet they do not stop importing Nepalese clothing time to time, such as, cotton, hemp, silk and woolen. So, if you are thinking of buying Nepalese clothing then you should check the following tips for better shopping experience, which are ten in number.

1. Go for reasonable price – First of all, you should definitely look for the reasonable price, meaning, you should compare the various online prices, provided by different shops. Choose the price that suits your pocket. If two online shops sell the same product, for example, a woolen hat, then you must read its product reviews in the website, as well as, you should ask about its detail information to the company. This information helps you to make a right decision. For example, some woolen hats have fleece linings and some do not. The woolen hats without fleece lining is itchy.

2. Look for online deals that meet your requirements– Look for a most beneficial deal, in terms of, price, quality, and reliability. These are the bottom lines; they help you to get the right clothing that you have been looking online. Ask all the questions that you have in your mind.

3. Shop Wholesale. Many wholesalers want their customers to become the sellers of their clothing as well, but not all wholesalers think in this way. A good wholesaler wants his or her customers to buy clothing in a large quantity at one time. Even a wholesaler purchases large quantities of clothing at the wholesale price and sells the clothing to his or her customers.

4. Don’t rely on Search Engines rankings too much– Well this one looks irrelevant, but this is true. Every time, when you search things by typing words like wholesale clothes from Nepal, Nepalese clothing or cheap clothes from Nepal in search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing, then they will show you a list of top ten websites in the first pages of their results. What I mean is their results are not correct every time. You may ask how because, sometimes, they bring up some bad and unwanted websites through SEO<search engine optimization > which is very hard to detect for those robots; therefore, they show the wrong results. So you should check up to 2-3 pages of those search engines, and if you want to visit the website directly, then you must check its quality, relevance and reliability, as well as, you must also compare it with other websites.

5. Quality matters – What matters, above all, is quality. If you are a beginner retail wholesaler and if you go for quantity instead of choosing quality then you might make profit in the beginning, but in the long run you will lose your customers. You know first impression is the lasting impression.

6. Trust and Reliability –These are the main things that every shopper should be aware while shopping online because the search engine cannot make a difference between the good websites and bad ones. Visit the clothing websites that have been providing services to the people, especially living in your country or abroad.

7. Free Shipping Cost- Do online shopping from a shop that will impose no hidden costs. Let’s say, the price of a cotton jacket is $20, but you are asked to pay $ 30 at the end. You realized that you are paying extra $10 for the shipping cost. Kathmandu Clothing provides free shipping service. No additional charges. No hidden costs.

8. Delivery Time- It usually takes 2-3 days to deliver your clothing order. Within these days if you did not hear or receive anything from the company, immediately contact the company’s manager.

9. Look up for secure payment system: After you confirm your order, you have to make an online payment. Nepalese online shopping has adapted the system that will make the money reach to the intended person. So always check for trusted checkout or payment system.

10. Customer Support – Customer Support is one of the essential things that a company should provide. Without customer support service, customer can be misguided and have a bad online shopping experience. That’s why every shopper should check in the website whether there is customer support service or not.