Changes in the season call for a wardrobe update. Keep up your style game with fresh pieces on your daily rotation. If you haven’t tried it yet, the next exciting styles to try are hippie and bohemian dressing. Though different in its roots and initial aesthetic, both hippie and boho styles showcase ease of wear, understated hues, and silhouettes that are relaxed and laid back. Be inspired by the young guns at Coachella or dig up the archives of artists, creators, and peace enthusiasts of generations past.

When trying on hippie or bohemian inspired clothes, keep in mind that you’ll be mixing and matching pieces with lighter, often flowy fabrics, neutral tones, and fun elements such as floral and pleats. It is also easy to integrate in your daily wear as you can easily match them with your trusty denims or go trendy with a boho dress and a sneaker.

So if you are in the look out for the best bohemian clothing brands and bohemian stores of 2019, you are in for a treat as we have curated the brands that will offer the best value for your money!

Bohemian Hippie Clothes

Even if you do not adhere to the subculture hipster movement of the 60s and the 70s, you can still rock the dressing styles of the people who did. After all, their vibrant colors and carefree attire could easily lend a relaxed vibe to your clothes. You can count on hippie clothing brands to offer their own take on the iconic garments of the hipster movement such as bell-bottoms, long skirts, vests, oversized blouses. For accessories, there was an abundance of beads, scarves, headbands, and flower ornaments which became the quintessential hipster fashion add-on.

Whether you’re looking for cheap hippie clothing brands or on the hunt for hippie clothes in varying price tags, our list below has you covered. But before shopping, you will find it helpful to do a quick Pinterst or Instagram search on what you want your looks to be and then you’ll off to a good start looking for great deals

Ahead is a list of best hippie clothing brands you can shop from at the comfort of your own homes.

Kathmandu Clothing Store

If you’re looking for a list of wholesale hippie clothing brands, you can count on Kathmandu Clothing store to be on the top of that list.  All pieces are crafted from Nepal but the quality is great for global markets, too. It is considered a leader in boho and hippie clothing and one of the best things about it is that they sell wholesale hippie clothing brands! The clothes from this brand have pricetags that do not break the bank. It accepts payment via debit card, credit card, Paypal, and Net Banking.

It has an extremely wide array of items including tops, jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, and even ponchos! Start your hippie clothing shopping by adding to cart various pieces made from cashmere, wool, felt, hemp-jute, and recycled materials. You don’t want to miss great pieces such as Mystic Symbols hippie Hood Jacket, this tie die hippie dress, or this Cabel roll cap that screams hipster subculture in all the right colors! 

Hippie Couture

 For a bit of off-the-archives inspired hippie looks, Hippie Couture is the place to go. Their site offers many items under period categories. You get to enjoy vintage-inspired pieces that are from the 60s, 70s, 80s, to 90s. Be on the look out for Hippie Couture’s shop as the pieces sell out fast! Hippie Couture offers a selection of various items in its dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, vests, sweaters and more! They also have accessories and jewelries to boot! This is a good brand as it offers not only apparel for hipster dressing, but also items that have disco vibes, various prints, and archived silhouettes with modern twists.

Don’t miss Hippie Couture’s beautifully printed hippie dresses such as this  Vintage 60's Psychedelic Party Dress, Vintage 70's San Francisco Flower Power Top, and this 80's Sasson Designer Jeans—just some of the many items in their collection that shows how hipster dressing has transcended many decades.  Visit or follow the brand on or on Twitter @HippieCouture.

Hipster Clothing Co.  

Another clothing store that has set its eyes on growing big this 2019 is Hipster Clothing Co. Its website shares that it is a new online store that has a collection of modern vintage, as well as new and recycled items both for men and women. You can count on this store to sell and buy recycled fashion pieces including designer ones! This is their part to make fashion more sustainable and affordable to more people.

Visit their site at  or on Instagram They also have an upcoming hippie section which they playfully call “tragically hipster streetwear” which you can keep an eye out for! This site curates pre-loved items fit for the hipster style so be sure to cop great tops from cool brands like Mesmerize,  Anac by Kimi, Lane Bryant, and more.

The Urban Hippie

Next up on the list is Urban Hippie, the site to visit for truly wearable hippie and boho pieces. This is a great place for people into style and charity. Aside from selling great selection of clothes, the Urban Hippie also support animal rescue groups worldwide from the earnings they make through clothes.

Browse their collection at This is a great one-stop shop to get a full outfit from. They dresses in various prints and textures such as this ivory and camel print dress, or this Clay Floral Babydoll Top which can be paired with this corduroy flare pants. No matter which combination you wish to pull off, you can select great pieces from the Urban Hippie. 

Modern Day Hippie

This brand is all about giving everyone a happy hippie lifestyle experience! The owners of this brand make it a point to apply their travel and inspirations reflect on their creations. At the same time, they also see to it that their products are ethically sourced, making time to meet their suppliers and support businesses  while they are at it. This is truly a refreshing brand that has its mission aligned with the hippies of decades past: to make the world a better place.

 True to its name, the Modern Day Hippie offers pieces that will take you back when the movement first gained mainstream attention. Their accessories and clothing truly speaks to the fashion of the 60s to 70s hippies. Some of you will love their jewelry lines which are all handcrafted from Thailand, or these Flower Power Gypsy Pants, or these amazing handmade bags made from upcyling, or hemp, with eye catching designs such as batik, florals, or geometric shapes. For more Modern Day Hippie, you can visit their site at and follow on Instagram at @m0derndayhippie.

Bohemian Clothes

Thanks to the internet and social media, it is now easier to look for many different clothing styles to try. Even internet famous people and celebrities get style tips from their daily Instagram scroll and one fashion style that always stand out is boho fashion. Online and offline (especially during music festivals), there is an abundance of style inspiration to be guided by. For starters, boho fashion is generally associated with the creative minds of the society such as writers, artist, or musicians that is why followers of this style often exhibit creativity and freedom in its style, colors, and silhouettes.

In this world of fast-paced corporate cycles, it will be refreshing to add more texture and life to your clothing. Whether it is for weekend getaways or for free days you spend outside the office, go ahead and make room for boho clothing in your wardrobe. There are numerous bohemian clothing stores around so you’ll find little trouble having options. Below is a quick list of brands you can go to that offer many great selections for your next boho look.

Faithfull The Brand

Hand-dying and hand crafted fabrics truly exhibit bohemian vibe. Made from the experts in Bali, Indonesia, Faithfull The Brand is on a mission to deliver ethical yet beautiful garments to its customers. It has lots of bohemian elements in their designs such as flowy fabrics, ruffles, loose fits, and more.

Shop for dresses, maxis, swim wear, jumpsuits, bag, and even gift cards from their web store It is indeed one of the best bohemian clothing brands in the Internet today. Fashionable shoppers should not miss their new arrivals such as the Azalea Floral Print  Bisou Pants, the Marie top, or La Villa jumpsuit. Visit their Instagram @faithfullthebrand for more style inspiration.

One Tribe Apparel

Another tribe that closely works with and support their local suppliers and partners is One Tribe apparel. This time around, the brand focuses on Thai boho fashion and strives to deliver great quality wear to customers. Harem pants became popular for its utmost comfortable fit and One Tribe Apparel has the most ideals pants in various colours and print.

This brand also has boho tops and dresses, as well as kimono-inspired apparel, caftans, tunics, and rompers. All their clothes promote ease of wear and movement, comfort, and ability to express oneself thru style. Shopper favorites include this silver sun dress, peacock kimono, and this new angel blouse that looks boho all over! Visit for more or follow them on Instagram @onetribeapparel.

Tulle & Batiste

Next on the list of go-to bohemian clothing brands is Tulle & Batiste. It specialized in vintage inspired pieces and is a brainchild of Miftahul Jannah who works with her team of highly creative artisans. Like any thoughtful clothing brand, their creations are handmade and pays attention to details and artistry.

Each garment presents a gift of creativity, tranquility, and peace thanks to its beautiful finish and cuts. You won’t want to miss the Amara Maxi Dress, the Bella Bell Sleeves Blouse, or this Black Swan Tassel Jacket! Shop more at or follow them on Instagram @ tulleandbatiste.


With its beautiful aesthetic and all-embracing beauty, bohemian fashion has reached well as far south as Australia. Mahiya is an Australian brand serving the freshest boho looks. It is well loved for its unique and highly practical wallets, purses, bags, and footwear. Customers can get a chance to curate a complete look with just one browse in this web store.

Mahiya made their site easy enough to navigate. One can find this chic Riviara Knit top and pair it with the Moon Dancer harem pants. To complete this look, also carry the Almora Purse or this Daisy Duke hand tooled boots. Mix and match more boho clothing at

Nevertheless, No list of wholesale bohemian clothing stores will be complete without one of the most trusted affordable bohemian brands, Kathmandu Clothing store. Aside from its wide selection of clothes ideal for hippie dressing, this store also offers an equally wide range of clothes for those going for the boho look. This store knows bohemian dressing so well that it has grown its catalog not only to include dresses, but many other items as well.

Boho must-haves sold here include this organic cotton dress, this cute Elephant Applique Work Shoulder Bag, or this woolen animal hat! You’ve seen their apparel but you’ll also find scarves, blankets, gloves, brooches, slippers, handicrafts, soaps, bags, and jewelry—truly a great place to shop to satisfy your lifestyle needs!

There you have it, your hippie and bohemian stores starter pack. Whether you’re going for the centuries-old bohemian frock or want to express yourself more freely with the hipster creativity, these brands have amazing options in store for you. Some, like the Kathmandu Clothing Store, has options for wholesale that allows you to buy and save more. Enjoy shopping!