The world has gone digital and so has Kathmandu Clothing, the largest Wholesale Nepali clothing suppliers  from Nepal to the rest of the world. It has the privilege, to expedited access to those, whom we have built up trust over the years, to get their orders, as per their requisite of the contemporary time, as has always been the nature of the company. This does not mean that Kathmandu Clothing compromises on the quality and the manufacturing process that it has been doing so over the years, that it has been in business with international retailers and customers.

Just as a reminder, for those, who may not have had the privilege of visiting our site before, we at Kathmandu Clothing have been in the business of supplying clothing and other Nepalese apparels mainly for women, such as skirts, jackets, gloves, gowns, gloves, headwear, pants, slacks, and others which portray the cultural aspects of the Nepalese people and developed by local artisans taking inspiration from the traditional weavers and tailors.

As, we all know that, presently, no country or person is immune from the influence of globalization nor consumerism, the impact is also felt on all local industries from around the world. So has the local Nepalese indigenous clothing industries, but in the case of Kathmandu clothing, this influence is kept to the minimum. This impact is felt when those products cannot be got locally, and have to be procured from the international arena, as else, there is no other option or the beautiful clothes made, and exported to our international clients would not be possible.

But as a point of business, Kathmandu Clothing, sees to it that all its Nepalese clothing, it supplies, are as close as possible to be called indigenous clothes from Nepal. Tentatively this is how we go about doing business so that the trickle down effects is felt for all those involved in this Nepalese clothes manufacturing process.

  • The clothes are purchased from local manufacturing units only.
  • This is done only after seeing that they are in conformation to traditional values and as far as possible they are have a larger portion of the work done by hand.
  • We also acknowledge and check if the material used for the clothes come from the areas of Nepal that the clothes are portraying and if they are truly hand woven.
  • We also make it our business to see no children are involved in the process but encourage women, in order, they get the monetary benefits to support their families.
  • Most of the raw material is harvested locally which give the local farmers more incentives and incomes besides the traditional planting of vegetables and crops, on land that cannot serve for that purpose.
  • Most of the designs are hand stitched by the woman dwelling in urban areas that have migrated  from rural areas and who by this means, augment to the families income.
  • The designers take inspiration from the different ethnic clothes that the different ethnic groups, that make up Nepal historically, that they wear and had worn and add a flare to make it compatible for modern consumption. This brings out the unique and contrasting fashion which is a class of its own.
  • On the satisfaction that the above criteria are met, the company inspectors make orders of these clothes.
  • Samples of them are them are posted on our website for your pleasure to make choices for orders.
  • On order of your requirements, it is dispatched immediately, only after each clothing item is checked.
  • It is them packed taking into consideration the journey overland, air and sea and no damage occurs in shipment.

As is the nature of international trade, goods from one part of the world, where it is physically manufactured needs times to reach the place of consumption. This depends on that tertiary sector of the economy to take responsibility of it. At Kathmandu Clothing, we make it a point of our business, that we deal with only the best and trusted names in the industry dealing in international shipping. We also understand that time is money and that every second delay makes a difference, especially in this modern world.

It is this business principle at Kathmandu Clothing that is taken into account, and which has made us one of the largest and leading suppliers of Nepalese indigenous clothing items throughout the world.