Cedarwood Scented Sachet


Cedarwood is blended with specially chosen herbs for a calming fragrant scent to help you cool down and relax.

Handmade in Nepal

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Item Number: TH-002-SP45

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Cedrus deodara (Cedarwood) Wood , Zanthoxylum Armatum (Nepal Pepper/Timor) Emblica officinalis (Gooseberry) fruit Santalum album (Sandalwood), Rosa canina (Rosehips) fruit Swertia chirata (Chiretta) Ficus religiosa (Peepal), Urtica dioca (Nettle) Leaf Powder, Artemisia vulgaris (Artemisia) Mentha arvensis (Field Mint) powder Rosa Damascena (Rose Petal) Flower


Deodorizes bad smell, keeps cupboards, bags, clothes scented and protects from insects and pests.

How to use

Keep it inside your closet, bags or drawers. You can also hang it in your room as a air freshener.

Item Number: TH-002-SP45